modern feather quilt
Photo by Brandon Schrader

This quilt was by far the most well-received quilt of the eleven I completed this year. It won 2nd place in the Riley Blake Challenge hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild. That was a huge thrill for me as there were approximately 400 entries from all of over the world.

Photo by Brandon Schrader
Photo by Brandon Schrader

It won an Honorable Mention at the 2014 Dallas Quilt Celebration Show hosted by the Quilters Guild of Dallas, which was such a nice ribbon it was like first blood to kick of ribbon lust! I had higher hopes for placing  but this gigantic ribbon was really wonderful to receive. The theme of the 2014 show was Modern and the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild made a big showing and there were at least 50 quilts in the open category. We are all hoping the show will one day include a permanent modern category (like art quilts) but as yet it hasn’t happened. I like the open categories because, although I have only been quilting since 2011 I am considered a Master Quilter. That is no humble brag friends! That is an intimidating bummer! The competition at this show is stiff and the judging, it seems to me, is very concerned with technical prowess. If you get a ribbon at Dallas you can be assured your skills are on point! Mine are more like chop off the points and pretend you don’t see it.

The quilt and its pattern were also published in Fresh Quilts Magazine. I am now a nightmare person and describe myself as an award-winning published quilter. And I have this quilt to thank for it!

This quilt is also what I keep in my phone to show the hairdresser, people standing in line, new acquaintances, or anyone I’m nervously chatting to what modern quilting means to me. I feel like this quilt marked a turning point for me in discovering what modern quilts look like. I take great pride in that I designed this quilt with the help of a modified free paper piecing pattern from Play Crafts.








  1. I /love/ this quilt and it’s so awesome seeing it in print! Congratulations!! 😀 Thanks for taking my derpy pattern and making it shine!