bridget baguette bag atkinson gift

I run a book club that has wonderful members so I made them holiday gifts for the upcoming December meeting.

I hemmed and hawed over what to make for at least a week. I went way down a Pinterest hole as well as just looking around on the internet. I thought about these cool magnetic bookmarks or foldover clutches or flat pencil bags or triangle pouches.

In took a break from cruising tutorials on the internet to order a custom stamp with a made up logo for my book club. I found the Paper Gold Co. on Etsy. It was a delight to deal with them! I messaged them with a rough idea of what I wanted and they created the art file and then the stamp! Mine was a relatively simple design so I received the stamp in less than two weeks. They were good about sending updates and answering my question. I got a laser cut 2 inch stamp. It is perfect and the design is raised enough that, after stamping 27 bags, I never had that terrible corner-ink thing happen where ink get on the cut away part. A well-made stamp indeed!!

paper gold co custom stamp

With my new stamp, decisions had to be made. I wanted the stamp to be easy to see. I wanted to use stash. I wanted everyone to be able to use whatever it was that I was making! Many of my book clubbers, myself included, use electronic books so the bookmarks were out.

Aside: B told me to be careful with magnets because we have two garbage animals that will just eat whatever they find no matter what. If they eat the magnets there is a possibility the two halves can click together in their intestines, pinning them together! Now every time I think about magnets I see intestines. So that is, in all honesty, another reason I shied away from the bookmarks. Because I am crazy.

The clutches would have required buying more fabric and I also thought that was too weird to make everyone a purse. People like to buy their own purses. The pencil bags and triangle pouches just didn’t move me enough.

So, while digging around in the stuff I already own, I found this unopened Bridget’s Baguettes pattern by Atkinson Designs.  I’ve made the Classmate and Lollipop bags and both patterns were excellent. AD patterns have a great layout and use excellent computer-generated images instead of pictures that are clear and easy to see what is going on.

bridget baguette bag atkinson gift


This pattern is perfect and easy to follow. I made the large for most of the bags and used some remnants to make a few smalls.


I used Essex Linen in Steel for the part that you can see through the window. After cutting I stamped it with my awesome stamp and mystery ink pad that I somehow just own. It says “Fabric Stamp Pad” on the cover and not much else.

Sadly, I also had yardage of clear vinyl because I need help. As always, now that it came in so handy I will never get rid of anything ever again. You never know!The clear vinyl was a little flimsier than I would have liked and I think it was shower curtain lining yardage from a big box store. It ended up looking great though.

The party parts were my crowning victory in stash using, to date. I won a fat quarter stack of Contempo by Moda possible three but at least two years ago. It has been sitting around, string still attached around it, haunting my sewing room. The colors in the prints looks great with the gray linen! Fear not, I hoarded all the yellow/mustard colorways for an undetermined future project.

I used regular (non fusible) batting and that worked great. I forgot to interface all the prints before cutting, as it says in the pattern, so I skipped it all together. While the end result was still nice for me, I would recommend using interfacing to make it sturdy.

I had to buy all the zippers and did so before I knew what fabric I was using. I bought a bunch in bright colors so no matter what I ended up with, the zippers would look OK. It worked!

bridget baguette bag atkinson gift

Final verdict: I love this pattern. Vinyl is very impressive to people and therefor make a small gift more special. I made these assembly line style after making a first one all the way through. I made 27 in about three days! I love them and I am very excited to give them out at the meeting.