capes 4 kids common desk union coffee

On Saturday I participated in a group sewing endeavor at Common Desk for Capes 4 Kids, a community project by Union Coffee. I had s(ew) much fun and it was great to spend some time making these adorable capes! There was a really great turn out too from sewists and civilians alike!

capes 4 kids common desk union coffee

The initiative makes super hero capes for sick kids and then delivers them in costume to their hospital rooms. The link above explains more but that is the basic principle. I heard about it through one of the sponsors, Urban Spools and a friend of mine who works at Common Desk. Urban Spools donated fabric and it was all quilter quality and really cute.

capes 4 kids common desk union coffee

My job was to top stitch labels and the super cute lightening bolt down. I could only stay for 2.5 hours BUT i was cranking them out! I think I did at least 40 while I was there!

capes 4 kids common desk union coffeeI really enjoyed this project! The capes are a cool and novel approach to making things for sick children. The capes were high quality and, I cannot stress this enough, ADORABLE. I see a lot of charity sews with cast off fabric and people just producing uninteresting stuff. This was the complete opposite! I was really proud to be a part of making the capes.

Not pictured: one million cookies people baked for the volunteers!