simplicity 1464 shorts

I do not have much luck with store-bought separates so I decided to make those instead of dresses. I can buy dresses off the rack but I can never get a pair of pants or a shirt that remains in my closet for long. Although I makes promises to myself to not buy patterns at the 5 for $5 sales I usually do anyways. I have a million Big 3 patterns but I make the same 2 patterns all the time and never use the other ones.

Enough about my shortcomings, let’s talk shorts. This pattern has a side zip and can be shorts, longer shorts, pants, or a skirt.

simplicity 1464 view e

Pattern Notes

I wear a street 6 and always make pattern size 12. The patterns say I should wear a pattern size 14 but they are never fitted enough for me. It reminds me of Virgin Suicides when the narrator size the mom made dresses for the girls and she added so much ease in them they were all identical sacks… so I size down at my own peril.

These are pretty short just fyi. I like short stuff but these were alarming even for me.

simplicity 1464 view e

These fit great though and I didn’t make any changes to them.*

What I Did

I used some sweet new Alison Glass Botany Chambray in Bluegrass from Urban Spools. It was a delight to work with and it didn’t fray much. I have enough left over for a shirt and I am totally going to make a nightmare separates print-on-print outfit! Coming soon!

Final verdict: Just look at how much fun I am having in my all handmade outfit with my latest Linden Sweatshirt!!!:

simplicity 1464 view e linden sweatshirt

*I did try to alter the pattern using a book that has served me well in the past. I added in a bunch of inches and then made a test pair only to discover they were too big because of what I changed. I started over with the original pattern and they were perfect.