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mommie1Nothing I have made so far has made me want to go full Mommy Dearest matchy matchy like this sweet little dress I made for my completely adorable niece! Last year, I entered a little dress into the fair and it was really cute and summery. I was not thinking that by the time the judging and fair actually opened it would be fall. It won an Honorable Mention ribbon, which was a surprise, but I thought I could do better. I checked out the competition and decided I needed more skills on display to really compete. I searched around for little dresses for a while before hitting on this one. I knew when I saw it that it was exactly what I was looking for!

This is the Addison Dress pattern from ModKid Boutique. This is the first time I have used a pattern from there and it was great! There is a wide range of cute stuff on the website, from children to adult. The dress features all of my requirements I wanted: puffing banded sleeves, working buttons, full skirt(s) and whimsical charm that makes the viewer squeal with delight.



addison dress modkid

addison dress modkid


This is an excellent and professional pattern with easy to read instructions and perfect diagrams. I only wish there were markings for buttonhole placement instead of just the buttons themselves. That was not a huge inconvenience but buttonhole making feels so scary and risky and markings would have eased my mind.

I added a lining to the sleeves. I cut out the sleeve piece from lining and basted it to the main fabric piece on the side seams and then followed the pattern as normal. I wish I would have lined the overskirt due to the fabric being so light in color. Next time!


I traced off size 3T in order for it to fit my 2-year-old niece by the time the fair was over later this year.

rose milkI used Violet Craft for Michael Miller Brambleberry Collection Rosemilk in Sorbet for my Fabric #1. I purchased this for myself thinking I would make a shirt out of it at some point. I think this was a better use for it. I still have a little left that I can maybe work into a shirt for my Joan/Christina moment. Dream big!

I prewashed it and the little gold triangle held up just perfect. I was worried they would wash out or dull, but nope! The fabric is a little more shear than I would have guessed. I know it is white but it is very transparent.

I used some Bella White Bleached I had lying around (as you do) as the lining.

For Fabric #2 I used Moda Linen Mochi Solid in Ochre that I also bought for myself. I wanted to make a skirt but I bought, like, two yards instead of yardage I could actually use.  I have enough of this left over to add to the Rosemilk so I really might make a matching shirt! The linen was a dream to work with and washed up perfect as well.

addison dress modkid boutique

Final verdict: Loves. Will post my nightmare matching shirt as soon as possible. I am going to bump it up on my list and maybe be total spazz and wear it to the fair if the dress wins anything! For real.