If you are reading this please know I am now in the grips of obsession with the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios. All I want to do now is make this in as many colorways and fabrics as possible. You should totally just get the pattern and join me! It only takes like an hour to crank one of these bad boys out! Also, I put it on to show B and he was like, “What are you showing me?” I told him I made the shirt I was wearing and he totally thought it was store bought!

Pattern Notes:

The sizing runs, to me, big. I like fitted clothes as opposed to relaxed fit due to my body type. My bust measurement is 36″ and I went with a Size 6 on this instead of the suggested Size 8. I’m super happy with the fit.

linden sweatshirt


Also: I made the necklace I am wearing. It is the headpiece I used in a flapper costume and it happens to fit over my head! Bonus.


linden sweatshirt

What I Did:

I added 3″ to the length of the front and back bodice pieced. I like my shirts to hit at my hip bones and this was just the right amount. The shirt would have been pretty mid-drifty so that is something to keep in mind. I cut the sleeves as is

NY CircuitBeing busty means knowing wearing color-blocked shirts where the body is way light is not a good idea. I saw a dress a long time ago that had baseball sleeves that were light/nude with a dark body and remembered it after all this time!

So, for the sleeves I used NY Circuit Ashen knit fabric from Leah Duncan‘s Art Gallery line, Gramercy. I bought like 3 yards of it one time on a whim and I finally get to use it! I loved this line and specifically this cool fabric!

The body is just black jersey/knit from a big box store. Same with the ribbing, black and from the same place. I was looking all over for the ribbing and was expecting it to be with the trims and pre-cut. It is not! I comes in yardage as well. I looked high and low for it and then a nice sales lady was like, um it is right here *points to where I am basically standing*. She was nice about it at least!

linden sweatshirt

linden sweatshirt


I was not paying attention and used the incorrect seam allowance on the neck part. I think it still looks OK and if it becomes to much of a mistake for me to bear then I can cover it with my hair.

linden sweatshirt

Final verdict: Welcome to your crushing new addiction! This sews up so fast and fits great! I want to make one million and maybe even use a t-shirt for the body part!!! I already purchased several knits this weekend to make more and more and more.