I confess I did not use Angora for this; that is just the name of the Lion Brand pattern. You have to join the website to get the pattern but it is free after that. I found it by searching Ravelry, as one is wont to do during the long hours of the day.

crochet tam


crochet tam hat


The pattern is neat in that you crochet the band in short row and then slip stitch it at the end. You then begin on the sides of the rows and never have to join the work. I think this made a clean look instead of slip stitching each round. I always have a gap there even though I pick up the front and back loops.

The band in the pattern is 72 rows. I made mine 64 rows. After 50 rows I measured the work around my head every so often until I was happy with the fit. I worked the rows as outlined in the pattern making adjustments if needed i.e. ignoring anything that did not work with my numbers.


LB uses its Angora Merino but that is only available online, which I will probably never impulse buy. I used Lion Brand Heartland in Yellowstone. I’m in a mottled mustard phase apparently because this beret matches my Hollyburn skirt exactly. I really liked this yarn. It has a nice sheen to it and is very soft. I feel like it looks more expensive than to two yarns I used for the Turban-Style Hat.  It did not split and was easy to work.


I think I got a little confused and let my rows roll a bit while crocheting so I ended up inserting my hook into the back loops sometimes creating the ridges. I am going to block the hat some more and maybe it will lay better. Here is a straight on picture of the back:

crochet tam hat

Final verdict: This is so quick and easy. The pattern is super easy to follow and it looks really cute!