crochet circle vest DROPS

Making stuff for the fair is really pushing me into uncharted territory. The deadline for entry is coming up and I am trying to knock out as many categories as possible leading me to this… a crochet vest!

If anyone told me even just last year this was where my life would be I would not believe it. I am slogging my way into crazy aunt territory and I am so excited! I kept this one a tame cream but I can already foresee insane color combinations/strips/GRANNY SQUARES. When you are already on the dark crochet side anything is possible.

crochet circle vest DROPS

I have since blocked this and it was life changing. I didn’t believe, like a fool, that blocking would do anything amazing. It is now way crisper!


This is the DROPS Circle Jacket 99-3 sans sleeves. It was a delight to make with no mistakes. I can’t believe it is a free pattern. I made the s/m size and added an extra row at the end because I still had yarn left. I would have added a few more because I am busty but ran out of yarn. The s/m sleeve bind offs fit my back pretty well.


I used Lion’s Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Soft Cream. I used exactly one skein. It is 100% natural wool! It came out a little stiff around the collar but I really enjoyed crocheting with this yarn.

I used a J hook and broke a plastic one, which was crushingly part of an adorable set. Apparently that is a common thing, breaking them. I am a baller hoader and had a metal one at the house. Size J and everything! So now I will never get rid of anything craft related every because you legit never know! Sigh.

crochet circle vest DROPS

Final verdict: I love this and totally think I can whip one up for my cat because everyone, big or small, should have this vest. I am working on how to connect it in the front, right now it has a little tie. I’m thinking button or a belt like deal that is only in the front. God only knows.

crochet circle vest DROPS