white crochet bow hat

Yes! Another hat I made that will never be worn! I can’t stop myself. So fun to make yet so impractical to wear. I know you wear them out into the cold but once you go inside do you wear them no matter what? Beside a roaring fire? In the midst of central heating? Or do you take it off and pretend your hair is not a mess? Not that I need these answers! I will set this one on top of this and this until the time is right!



I used this free pattern from Creative Yarn. It is the same tutorial as when I made the bow for these fingerless gloves! I remember seeing the hat low those many months ago and thinking it was way too high level for me. AND YET! Here we are.



When I made the crochet vest, I bought 3 skeins of Lion’s Brand Fishermen’s Wool and only used 1 because I am a bad planner. I obviously did not just return them because what kind of crafter would that make me??? Practical??? I predict many things being made from this wool in the future.

Looking online, I saw that this hat came out a little big for most people and I took the advice to leave out rows 8 and 9 that are increasing rows. It is still big but I like it because it will go over my hair when it is pulled up without messing it up!

I blocked it by wetting the entire thing and then laying it flat on a cookie rack.


Final verdict: So cute! I never wear hats because I do not want to commit to wearing it all day. I can slip this over my updos though and never commit!

white crochet bow hat