burgundy crochet turban hat

OMG you guys! In procrastinating with Things I Must Get Done, I decided to learn how to crochet a hat after seeing an Instagram friend’s awesome made-up turban hat. I knew how to crochet in a base-level way but had only done straight lines up to this point. After searching the internet for patterns I decided this one was the perfect pattern. And I was correct!


This pattern is really well written and I do not have much to add. At the end, I left my yarn tail super long and used that to cinch the hat. I went up right above the turban-style rows and went in at one of the little gaps the joining slip stitch left. Then I just looped around and around to cinch the hat. My cinch was about 1.5″. Pull it tight! The smaller you can cinch it the more turban-like it looks!


I used this tutorial by YouTube user bobwilson123. She has a delightful accent and rockin’ black nails that actually help see what she is pointing at. I did not understand how to start the crown at all and watched this and did it no problem.

blue crochet turban hat

Since I am new to crochet I am currently using “hobby yarn” aka cheap yarn. For this blue version, I used Bernat Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) yarn in Tealish. I thought I was buying this though, which I guess is not sold at a certain big box anymore. The Sheep(ish) was really great to use and did not snag. It did end up fuzzy looking so now I have a halo turban.

The bling I used was something I long ago bought in the hopes of making a necklace. I was thrilled when I realized I could use something I already owned. It was new in the package and I had probably bought it like three years ago. This is how craft hoarding gains a foothold… I really did end up using it so now I will never get rid of anything! Just in case!

I obsessively worked on this hat. All in all, it took me a night and an afternoon to finish it. I posted it on Instagram and got a huge response! That gave me more confidence to wear it. Sometimes I make stuff and then I’m like, maybe I am a crazy person and look like a cat lady. I wore this hat around and I think it was well-received.

The shape of the hat is sublime. It is a good snug fit and really warm! The turban-styled part at the bottom is  a little thicker and warms my ears.

crochet turban hat

My sister asked for one in maroon so I made her this one made from Loops & Threads Impeccable in
. This yarn was just ok at first. It seemed to snag and stick a bit. It is not, however, fuzzy. I ended up liking the final result. The yarn became easier to work with although a little sticky. I do like the structure of the final product. The blue one is softer but the maroon one is really snug and warmer.