butterick fabric dog house

I live in a 1920’s bungalow, which, for those unfamiliar with architecture styles, means there is no insulation and  I can feel a breeze from any closed window. Draftiness is a way of life for me. I also have a dog, Noodle, who has several dog beds. She yearns to get off the floor though and sleep on the couch. She is not allowed on the couch. She manipulates my feelings by sleeping in her multiple beds and shivering to show how inadequate her situation truly is. B suggested I make her a bed with ironing board fabric to reflect her heat but my LQS is still awaiting that shipment. I searched around online though and we both decided an enclosed bed would be much warmer!

Butterick 5867 has patterns for the dog house, a carrier bag, a toy and an organizer. It seems to be geared towards the little-dog set. Noodle is about the size of a corgi and more mid-size. Her body is also odd shaped due to her bowed out legs.

butterick 5867 dog house


This was a slightly confusing pattern for me and I think it is because it is older. It is straightforward but has odd naming conventions i.e. it calls a piece the “front and back” even after you have cut it out and there is a for sure front and a for sure back. So it will say, take one front and back piece and do blah blah blah. It makes sense but is still confusing.


I used the original pattern but altered it with the slash-and-spread method (like you would to make pants or a skirt or a bodice longer). I added 4 inches to the width and 2 inches to both the height and the length.

Once I was finished the house sagged terribly. I reopened some seams and added Peltex into the sides and top of the house. Had I thought about this earlier I would have also added it to the front and back pieces. I was foolishly optimistic that foam would support everything.

I also overstuffed the mat with scraps because Noodle is worth it.

Because Noodle is a trooper and has never been ill a day in her life in the 8 years I’ve owned her, I decided to splash out on her little house. I am still committed to sewing with my stash and man, I broke into some of my treasures for this. The side pieces are Enchino Kokka Birds on Circles:


To confirm my unbelievable commitment to making something cute for my dog to lay in, the front and back are Scribble Notes in Black from Carolyn Friedlander’s Architextures for Robert Kaufman.  I still have a bundle of this line I don’t ever use so it was a huge step to cut into it!


The top is another long hoarded favorite, Domino Dots from Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller. I have some yardage of that so it was tough but not and Architextures level of sacrifice.


The inside lining is navy Grunge, perfect for Noodle’s trash-loving lifestyle.


Final verdict: I am super pleased with this and I am glad I cut into my stash because this will be around the house and I will see it all the time. I originally pulled some stuff I was meh about to use it up. I am glad I wised up and used fabric I truly love. It will be great to actually see it being used by Noodle to reward her for her tireless self-healing abilities!