faux fox stole crochet scarf

One time I was in a Goodwill with B. We keep our financial affairs separate so it doesn’t matter what I spend on things; he doesn’t care. We have a little dance though just because. He buys a lot of biking and camera stuff and I don’t ask how much it is. Sames on my fabric, yarn, etc. He doesn’t need to know that a Bernina is any different from that Walmart Singer.

Anyways. We were in the Goodwill and I saw a real fox stole behind the counter and it was like, a million dollars compared to the other Goodwill wares. I really wanted it because it is like a relic from a bygone era! Something to wear to costume parties to freak people out! The idea that ladies would wear the heads, feet, and tails of things totally fascinates me. BUT. If I got it while B was there then he’d know how much it costs and it wouldn’t be so funny. So I left it. I think about it all the time!

I saw some fox scarves you can sew but they didn’t have the look I wanted. I found this pattern and immediately knew I wanted to make it.

faux fox stole crochet scarf

This pattern is the Fox Scarf by Bees Knees Knitting and ahhhhhh I didn’t even see that there were so many other animals you could make until I went to link this! THERE IS A BABY SEAL. Another day perhaps but man, mad props Southgate, Michigan!  I found this pattern, as usual, trolling through Ravelry.


This pattern is perfect in every way and had a really great diagram. I will admit there is some instructions for a slip knot that I couldn’t figure out and just did it the way I know. Full disclosure: I was on a plane and tired.

This crochets up in the round and, while probably not the best idea, I also went against the pattern instructions and didn’t weave in my ends. I can’t tell from the outside.

faux fox stole crochet scarf


I went for the silver fox. The main body color is Lion Brand Heartland in Mt. Rainier. I wish I could quit acrylic but this yarn is so soft and warm. It was a good choice for the body as it feel super great against my neck. The black is some mottled black that I don’t remember what it is… there isn’t that much black! The white is Purl Essence Angel Hair Yarn. It was a tad wack to work with but in the end makes for cute accents.

I went for less haunting amber/brown eyes than the green in the picture. There are La Mode.

faux fox stole crochet scarf

Final verdict: My curser is currently hovering over this option on the Etsy shop: 3 pack, 5 pack or 11 pack of animals for my neck???? There is a panda and a raccoon!