I use EQ7 to render images for talks that I give. I am now in the process of making the examples I created! First up is the improv log cabin:

Modern Log Cabin with way more negative - Copy

I am taking this idea and combining it with the TraGATO technique to add words for the Dallas Quilt Show’s “Text and Letterforms” theme for 2016. I really like using EQ7 to get ideas. I made this top using this idea but didn’t make an exact copy. I use to draw designs on graph paper to get a feeling for the final result. Using EQ7 is sooooo much easier to change and work on different directions and ideas. I am a fan.

I made mine a 6×6 grid to come out to 96″x96″. Big quilts FTW!

To execute this idimageea, I began with neutral linen squares I had already cut from a previous quilt that took a different direction. I cut those down to 4″. I cut strips ranging from 1″ to 3″ from my green and blue scraps and then also several neutrals. I planned for 16″ finished blocks so I tried for that length. I made one randomization box with about 70% blue and green scraps and 30% neutrals. I would cut 2-3 scraps and then throw in 1 neutral into the box.

I made another box with all neutrals for the other side of the log cabins again making the widths randomly from 1″ to 3″. I also added a few 4″ ones as well to ensure the higher overall neutral composition.

Alas, like all scrap endeavors, I had a whole bunch left over. I did go down from 2 boxes to 1. I may use these on the back but I am not sure.

I tried very hard not to look while pulling fabric. I added to each side as needed to keep it square-ish. I did cheat on my random process by putting color strips on the outside of the color/neutral sides of the log cabin. I did not do it on all but I wanted a majority to have that to help define the design.


At first I went with a different layout than my original picture that was a more traditional layout to get a pattern somewhat like this but with the above block structure:red and white wonky log cabin

I liked it but really wanted to stay true to my original design above. Because I am growing as a person into a quilting adult, I ripped out my long seams and redid it to look like the completely random design. I was really impressed with myself for making the change!

So this is where I am at now (wrinkles and at):


I am adding my words now and will post about the trapunto next time!

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