This is my 3rd Linden. I still have trouble with stretching the neckline as I sew the facing on. I had a little trouble with the fabric separating and rolling up on the ends specifically when I was working on the neckline. I should have lightly starched the facing piece and I think that would have really helped


I still really like this though! As promised (to myself) I made this with the lux Corsage by Nani Iro double tissue knit I got in Portland at Modern Domestic. I even used my Bernina #12 for the bulky seams! This fabric is so soft. I was really amazed at the hand of it!

Fabric is not that sheer IRL.

20150913-2I went with the short sleeve with no ribbing version because the fabric was only 30″ wide and I didn’t buy enough yardage for long sleeves. I think it was fate though because this fabric really works with the rolled hemmed sleeves and hem.

I am going to have to up my neckline game and also use thread to match. I will probably sharpie-fix these seams by coloring over them. The drag about the fabric is that is so soft I don’t think I can rip the stitches out. Live and learn!