Metro Hoops by Shannon Page

This quilt was made using the Metro Hoops pattern and the Quick Curve Ruler both by Sew Kind of Wonderful. The pattern calls for a jelly roll and two background fabrics. I made some modifications before getting started. I picked this pattern because I had never done curved piecing before. I have been looking into a double wedding ring or the Single Girl quilt. This pattern is like the best of both of them!

I did start with a Color Me Happy jelly roll by V&Co but I took out all the pinks and subbed in my own strips with scraps using greens, teals, grays and navy, which should be no surprise to anyone who knows me. My entire world is those four colors right now. I also subbed in some ombre strips and that worked so well!

The pattern calls for 42″ strips but you actually cut those in half to 21″ when strip piecing the curved sections so you can use fat quarters for the strips as well!

I also decided to use one main background color instead of the two colors that formed background squares. I thought the hoops against a single color would be a more modern and striking look. Here is an example with the two colors making big square and here is one with little squares. I used Color:Full by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman.

I really liked this pattern and the ruler. I did not use one pinin creating this quilt top. The ruler makes all the pieces fit together perfectly. I did make multiple cutting errors, which were my fault. The pattern is clearly written but you need to pay attention to what is going on. You have to use multiple lining up points and need to be careful.



The only instruction I would add to the pattern is when you are cutting the final block down to 8.5″ blocks. This is a great tutorial to read over about trimming the blocks. Where the pattern and this tutorial state to “Leave 1/4″-1/2 for seam allowance between curved seam and edge of block” you need to pick ONE measurement and stick to that for both the top and the bottom triangles. I found that 1/2″ was the distance most of mine lined up with and focused on making sure those points were correct and then worried about the other line up points. If you fluctuate with that measurement the resulting triangles will not line up nicely. Luckily the author provides more than enough wiggle room to trim everything down easily. I used painter’s tape instead of a Sharpie to mark my ruler.



Here are some of the blocks pre-sewn:

#metrohoops #dmqgretreat trying to stay motivated while squaring up blocks

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The pattern really randomizes the fabrics on its own. I slapped all my block on a design wall and ended up not moving anything. The chartreuse color is one of the ombre strips.






imageI’m all about quilting the hell of something. Inspired by the Angela Walters webinar provided by the Modern Quilt Guild, I tried to free motion quilt to highlight the design features in the pattern. I used the Quick Curve Ruler to mark around the edges of the circles and the inner diamond-like shapes. I spiraled in and used two different fillers, again using what I learned in the webinar.

Then I used a different thread for the accent diamonds, which I usually do not do… progress! I used a free motion scallop for that and ended up really liking it. I do not like how the inner circles made more of a parentheses shape. I marked from the tips of the accent diamonds to each other and I was hoping for a more circular shape.

My final review is that this pattern and ruler are solid! The quilt comes together quickly and looks like way more work than actually went in. If you are new to curves, this is a perfect pattern to try out!