take wing modern paper piece

This is currently my most treasured possession. I love it so much!!! I constantly troll the webs looking for modern paper piecing. I am super hooked on paper piecing but there are not many patterns out there that are striking (maybe I should get on that).

This is the Take Wing pattern from Lillyella. I saw this on Instagram and was immediately taken by it. I gave it one day and then bought it because I could not stop thinking about it. Aw, love.

take wing modern paper piece


The pattern is available in two ways: the  24″ x 15″ straight up pattern and a slightly less complex one, the Take Wing Mini, that can be made 15″ x 9.5″ and 18 x 11.5″. The Mini also has some design options.

This pattern is perfect and made with so much love you don’t even have to worry about it. It does not come with a cutting list, which I respect because usually pattern makers try to make the pieces as small as possible TO MY PERIL.



I made the 24″ x 15″ version because I did not want to lose any detail. I am entering this sucker in the State Fair and there are rules to be followed there. They have a max of 18″ x 18″ so I reduced the more complex pattern by 75% (yay algebra!) and it was perfect!


I was really freaking out about what fabrics to use! So many options! So many pieces. I used the color in sheet that comes with the pattern and map pencils to get my act together. Looking online, I was drawn more to the pictures that had contrast colors in the wings and the overall fading/ombre look for the main wing pieces.

I used stash for this (free!!!!!!!!!!! but not really but yes because I don’t remember buying most of it). The background is my main chick, linen, and I think it is Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in Natural.

The first fabric I pulled was for the bigger pieces and therefore, the focus areas. I was viscerally drawn to Lizzy House‘s Twinkle Twinkle in Burgundy from her Natural History line for Andover. I also used it for the accent piping and zipper detail. I have a whole bunch because I was/am going to make a romper out of it but, sadly, I already have a romper in her Catnap line:

Weekends are for #cat #jumpies !! #mccalls #m6083 #romper #jumpsuit

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72dpi-A-5980-N Print

I am apparently committed to my color story. Anyways, I love the purple and orange!

Most of the remaining fabric choices were from a fortuitous discovery of a long forgotten Robert Kaufman Roll Up that was the New Color 2014 selection. I’m not going to lie, it may be New Colors 2013. This was super boss because I got this to make the Cascade Quilt but it did not arrive in time to use! I was literally about to leave my sewing room after lamenting my life choices related to solid stashing and there it was! I also used (from my scrap casket!!!) a small amount of a Valori Wells print that was one of my first fabric buys ever and a Botanics print left over from the Park Bench Quilt. I even used the same light blue and magical orange that was in the Feathers Quilt.

I had made piping on a bag before but needed a refresher on what to do on corners. I used this tutorial and it worked like a charm.

Final Verdict: I super hope everyone is ready to get their feelings hurt when they enter their pillows at the fair. This is going on my couch!