IMG_20150725_140657653I went to the Oregon coast for a beach wedding and planned some days to bop around Portland before coming back. Portland was a delight for several reasons: the vacant/occupied indicators on every restroom door (WHY hasn’t the world gotten on board with this???? It is so polite and efficient); delicious food everywhere and for cheap; no sales tax means everything is like $5.00 instead of $5.41 so there is no messy change business; and a general pleasantness of being outdoors. Most importantly, there are several sewing-related entities that I checked out and are now presented here in no particular order:

Modern Domestic

This sewing shop is in the Alberta Arts District where I stayed on purpose so I could go there. It has a crispy clean layout filled with fabric and Berninas. They had a good selection of quilting fabric but super off the chain apparel fabric offerings. I lost my damn mind and bought 2 yards this Nani Iro Corsage Wataibuki double knit:

Nani Iro Corsage

The person helping me was extra nice and sure to point out this fabric is only 30″ wide and spendy, which I appreciated. I am going to make a Linden with it! It is the softest fabric I have ever held!

MD also has an extremely impressive selection of patterns from independent makers! The had the most Sewaholic patterns I have ever seen in a store! I picked up two and snatched up some fabric to make these:


Tokyo Train Ride by Sarah Watts in Shibuya Violet (Cotton Lawn) I love this print and used the another colorway in quilting cotton as the lining for my Fanny Pack!


Ty Pennington’s Okalee – although it looks like in my fabric black out I may have not gotten enough fabric for the shorts… we will see!

These adorable pandas from Paper Bandana by Cotton + Steel that I made sure were not available at my LQS:

cs pandas

I also picked up some sale linen from that is Autumn Rice from Moon Rabbit by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton + Steel.

AND THEN I REMEMBERED Modern Domestic is a Bernina dealer! My area dealer is like one-million-hours-in-traffic away from me so it was so nice to be somewhere where I could pick up my long-coveted #12 Piping/Bulky Overlock foot! I struggle with both of those and now I have help!

I asked at the counter if anyone was going to the Portland MQG meeting because it was that very day and I was going to go. We were discussing that and then heaven opened up and the angels shined down right on to just me and the lady at the counter said they give guild member 20% off on guild days and they would extend that to me. TO ME!!!!! Such a baller move Modern Domestic! So with no sales tax and the generous discount that was like 28% off for me. This was literally thrilling and I was very happy about it all day!

Cool Cottons

This was a suggestion from a local and it was a major hit. It is in a cool old house and Hawthorne street, which is a happening area and you can walk down and get some great food after shopping.

CC had an absolutely amazing collection of quilting cottons. It is a small store but everything appears to be selected with care. The lady working (possibly the owner) was really nice and chatted with me about that fabric life. I would totally shop here forever. They had many many solids as well and a great selection of the textured Andover cotton I like so much right now. I picked up some orange for a project that is in my mind right now.


Clockwise from the top: the cool black and white stripe is a Robert Kaufman Pimatex Basic although I did not see this exact strip on the site. I re-upped on Denyse Schmidt’s Heatwave Strip in Lime from Chicopee. I has one fat quarter of this and used it it all up. I was super excited to see it! One of my all time favorites. A fat quarter of Lions and Tigers from Happy Drawing by Ed Emberley. Cocoland by Kisa cat fabric from Kokka (Japan) with the coolest selvage ever!



Clockwise from far left:  Art Gallery’s Megalopolitan Dim from the Utopia line The worker said she would not mind cutting me a fat quarter as I was hemming and hawing about how much to get, which was so nice! I panicked though after she made the half yard cut and was like, just give all of that to me! You know, just in case. Mystery Stripe – There is nothing on the selvage ://// Alexander Henry Crosshatch print in a different colorway than what I used for the Park West Tote lining and it is another one of those prints I wish I had bought more of but didn’t… and then there it was in awesome Cool Cottons! Alexander Henry’s mesmerizing Seaweed Stripe in Bright.

Bolt Fabric

This is also down on Alberta. It is small and is touted as Portland’s Original Modern Fabric Boutique. The had many many American Made Brand solids. They also had a pretty good selection of prints but I think Cool Cottons was more my style. I picked up these adorable pins and threw caution to the wind because I didn’t know if I would get them on the plane (I did!):

leaf pins

These are Maude Asbury Geofabulous Symmetry – Blue (which I guess is old because I couldn’t find much on the web for it) and two colorways for Homestead from Clothworks.

Bolt had many many many notions and trims. I wish I could have committed to buying some but notions are the only per exact project thing I buy.

Title Wave Book Store

I made my most Portland purchase at this little library overflow used book store for $1.50: Craft Bomb Your Bike by Shara Ballard. It even has crochet 3D birds to put on your bike!

Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting

I was also staying super close to where the PMQG meets so I went to there monthly meeting as a visitor. They had a panel discussion on the modern perspective that included Bill Volckening. He even brought some quilts to share!

I am a pack-light type so I did not bring my camera so here are a few terrible photos of the two quilts I liked the best that I took with my phone:













This last one was from Bill’s collection and he said it had been buried during the Civil War so that it would not be damaged/taken!

Final verdict: BRB moving to Portland