The Quilters’ Guild of Arlington is filled with super friendly and welcoming people! I joined a couple of months ago so I could enter their show. They meet not too far from my house so I have been going to the meetings. You can bring snacks to the meetings so I use that opportunity to try out baked goods there too.

The theme was Joyful Reflections and I entered the White Quilt for that open category. In the one person master category I entered Feathers as well as Diamonds. The show had open categories for BOMs and textiles. I entered Park Bench and my Weekender, respectively for those categories. I was delighted to win my first ribbon in a masters-only category and I also won a blue ribbon for the Weekender! They also give feedback for which I am always grateful. The displays were in different rooms so lighting for pictures was an issue but here goes anyways:

quilters guild of arlington quilt show

weekender arlington quilt show

There were about 200 quilts there and I was delighted to see a representation of modern quilts or quilts that had a modern element incorporated into traditional ideas.

Here are a few I spotted:

jill matyastik the stars at night
The Stars at Night by Jill Matyastik


Jill stated she found an image online but could not remember where. I think it looks like¬†“Fireworks” by Tara Faughnan quilt the MQG used for the QuiltCon 2015 banner! I personally do not feel batiks are super modern this has many great modern elements! I would love to see this is solids!

American Refraction by The Cedar Hill Quilters' Guild
American Refraction by The Cedar Hill Quilters’ Guild

The explanation said this was made when some of the members decided to try modern quilting! Good for them! I am happy they liked it enough to enter it into a show.

Riding the Waves by Dwain Edwards
Riding the Waves by Dwain Edwards

This is another one I would love to see in solids with some big stitch. I have seen the Borgello patterns with the extreme waves going up and down. I like the alternate layout for this one. It was hung horizontal too.

Mesmerize by Julie McCloud
Mesmerize by Julie McCloud

I am partial to the Comma line and noticed this right away. I like the graphic boxes and truncated grid look. I would have loved to see this with the smaller prints, like the commas and the green prints, with the yellow and orange being solids. I love the jacks in in the squares.

What a fun show! The member of QGOA are so welcoming and supportive. They worked so hard at this show!