“Delaware Doily (Variation)” – Made by Fonda Brinlee and Quilted by Kathy Bradbury. I love red and white quilts!

Quilt Plano 2015 was held at the Plano Centre on August 14-15. I picked up an Honorable Mention for the White Quilt. The judges highlighted the quilting, which I feel is the best part of the quilt. They also mentoned  that the pieces needed to line up. There is both improv and straight piecing. I have gotten this comment before on it and I wonder which part they are talking about.

I also picked up a pretty scathing review for Feathers. My Feathers feedback was particularly upset about shadowing in my binding, a first for me, and also stated I should have stitched the mitered corners down on the front (???) and dissed my hand binding stitches. Under the “What I Liked Best” section they circled something about embellishments being nice and then erased it but then didn’t circle anything else so there was nothing nice on the sheet. A rough day for Feathers! It was hanging all wonk so maybe it was folded for too long. Being lumped in the master’s category is way harsh!

I did win a door prize though! The guy said I won an applique class but I’m not sure. The thing in the bag was just a book mark advertising a 6-day retreat in Rockwall, Texas so I will have to check up on that.

Here are some that I saw that I felt fell on the modern spectrum:


“Jeff” – Made and Quilted by Ileana Salzer

This one first place in the one-person artisan large category. I was just delighted to see it and then super stoked it won a blue ribbon. Ileana mopped the floor with her competition and SWEPT this category (1, 2, 3, and an HM) and got 1, 2, and 3 in another category.

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” – Made by M.J. Fielek and Quilted by Lynne Haley

This has great alternate grid work. I’d love to see it with different quilting – maybe straight lines with that echo off the stars –  and a solid blue background. I do like the wavy lines in the flower stars but I think the pantograph flowers do not compliment the flowers in the fabric. I absolutely love the layout though and the ombre fabric especially in the top right corner. Pink and orange forever!

“Deep Water Blue” – Made by Susan Norton and Quilted by Jackie Brown

I like the movement in the piecing here. I think the fabric choice is exactly what the maker was going for but I would like to see this in some solids with no borders.

“Bow Ties” – Made and Quilted by Faith Ashley

This was entered by a 9 year old! Solids all day and some bold choices at that!

“What Does the Fox Say?” – Made and Quilted by Marsha Meeks

This was made by that 9-year-old’s grandmother! I believe this was the only improv piece in the show (save for the small amount in my White Quilt).