dallas quilt celebration 2015 show

There were several modern to modernish quilts at the Quilters Guild of Dallas’ annual show, Dallas Quilt Celebration. Some even got ribbons!!

I had three hanging and when I show lurked they were not that well-received haha. My beloved Akhaten mostly got walked by without any pauses. It was in the master art quilt category so I think it might not be a good fit. I also had Cassiopeia and Tangelo in the master large pieced and no ribbons there either. I actually saw someone walk up to Cassiopeia real close and then looked at her friend and rolled her eyes. They looked better hanging than I thought though! I will still continue to quilt creep because you have to take the good with the bad.

Onto what I saw:

modern quilt orange and blue
Take a Left by Deborah Herring


Detail of Take a Left by Deborah Herring

This one caught my eye right away! It reminds me of a beach towel. The design is so crisp and clean and I love the quilting as well. I was stoked to see a really modern quilt just hanging around in the show!

modern quilt
Ladybugs in the Rose Garden by Susan Hoge

Admittedly, there are little ladybug charms hanging off of this, which is cute but detracts from the modern feel. BUT there is improve and I like the white and grey. It also won a ribbon and that is progress!

blue white quilt
Hunter’s Star by Darrell Kerr

This is a pretty traditional layout with borders but I love the striking firm lines the white and blue make. I think the colors make it more modern! I love the way the background white and blue fabric interacts with the stars that are the same colors.

Picnic Quilt by Darrell Kerr
Picnic Quilt by Darrell Kerr

Yay for Darrell Kerr! I do not think the fabrics lend a modern feel but the layout does! I like the arrows every once in a while; they make my eye move around the quilt. The “H” is for the recipient of the quilt but adds an unintentional humorous effect for the younger set. I think this would be awesome as a holiday quilt with just one tongue-in-cheek “HO” in it.

Little Bird by Kathy York
Little Bird by Kathy York and Others

Another modern quilt with a ribbon! Kathy York is from Austin and I was happy to see she entered a great modern quilt all the way in Dallas. I like the linear feel to this. It is a group quilt and it is impressive they all used the same values of yellow. It looks like one person made it and that is a hard result to achieve in group quilts.

Berry - Indigo Eclipses by Kay Scheffer
Berry – Indigo Eclipses by Kay Scheffer

This one was so hard to photograph! The quilt was made with hand-dyed fabrics and was really pretty in person. It won an HM! I like how the quilting made a plaid-like design on the eclipses.

Bubbles by Judy Steward
Bubbles by Judy Steward

I’m not sure where this falls on the modern spectrum but I would love a spring dress made out of this design. The maker painted on fabric and then went back to FMQ. There is so much movement in this and the colors work well together.

Gene-Yes! by Connie Keller
Gene-Yes! by Connie Keller

I think this has a definite modern layout but the fabrics and heavy quilting lend it a more traditional feel. I would like to see this one in some awesome strong solids like Bordeaux and mustard!


  1. Thank you for your kind words about my quilts. I wasn’t reallly trying to be modern. The picnic quilt was more about the backing (I used home dec on this one, ticking on others) so they could withstand rocks, etc.