I am obsessed with this project! I found it searching Ravelry for an interesting afghan that will eventually be a fair entry. The pattern is a FREE cal from Look What I Made.  Dedri put is so much information and effort into this project. I am on Part 6. It has taken over my life in the best possible way.

crochet afghan sophies universe


This is a perfect CAL. Each row has a photo tutorial and very clear directions. My favorite is that she put is where pertinent stitches will land i.e. hdc 7 stitches and the final stitch will land in the fpdc from the previous row. This makes it so easy to follow along and crushes crochet doubt when you aren’t sure what the devil s going on!

There is also a fill-in-your-own chart to keep track of your yarn. Her example also helped me get a game plan together, color wise.

crochet afghan sophies universe


I used hobby yarn as I am wont to do. I liked the look of Dedri’s small-size example with the bright colors. I decided I would do bright saturated jewel tones. I went full quilter and decided to use gray as a neutral though.  A certain box store started carrying Big Twist yarn and that is my favorite from this project. I used Teal and Sprout (the green color in the pictures) from the Premium collection. It is nice and thick and the colors are super saturated. I also used Big Twist Gray from the regular collection. It is a little thin for this. I also used the Big Twist White from the Sincerely collection. It is so soft! The other colors are Vanna Choice Mustard (just ok) and then Hot Pink, Boysenberry, Peacock and Aubergine from Red Heart’s With Love line (I actually really like these!).

crochet afghan sophies universe

Final Verdict: This is a master’s class in crochet. I have already learned so much and love, love, love this blanket! Start doing this right away!