The results are finally in! I can now resume my normal life instead of constantly refreshing my email and yelling at loved ones for emailing when they KNOW I am awaiting the State Fair judging results.

While my Tessellation Quilt did not win anything this year I am still happy with how it came out and all the extra work I did on it. I have big plans for it anyways!

I am thrilled to have won 5 ribbons!

First Place: Patchwork Pillow

Once I completed this pillow I felt really strongly about my chances in this category! I love this pillow. This is my first year to compete in this category.

take wing pattern paper piece


First Place: Tote Bag

This is my second year for this category and I didn’t place last year. I studied the 2014 winners and focused on structure this year. I also added zippered pockets on the inside because those are always impressive. I was thrilled to get a blue ribbon for this!!

park west tote


Second Place: Hand Bag

This is my first year competing in the hand bag category. Second is a great win and I am interested to see what won first! This project had some heartache and I am proud it ribboned! My only regret is the fabric did not end up lining up like I thought it would.

blossom bag amy butler


Second Place: Crochet Scarf

This is my first year for any type of crochet and I was delighted to place with this! I was not sure if the judges would appreciate the whimsy of it. I entered several crochet project and this was my most complex.

faux fox stole crochet scarf

Honorable Mention: Children’s Wearing Apparel

I got an HM last year in this category and really set out to enter a dress with more design features than my 2014 entry. I am super surprised this only won an HM (compared to my 2014 win) so I will be checking out the placing winners this year! This year I made sure to include working buttons and puff sleeves!

addison dress modkid boutique