modern log cabin improv quilt

I began this quilt a while ago and talk about the initial design in Part 1. The quilt was made specifically to enter into the 2016 Dallas Quilt Show as the theme was Text and Letterforms. I waffled back and forth one what to put and drew inspiration from the dreamy tone of Goodnight, Love You by Laura Hartrich. I went with “Today was a good day” in trapunto. It won 1st Place at the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas show for the Open Category Show Theme and 1st place in Modern Quilts at the Quilter’s Guild of Arlington Festival of Quilts.

modern log cabin improv quilt

The trapunto letters were a big success for me and work so great with the tranquil palette. I actually made this into a giant square quilt and ended up hacking 8-10 inches off of each side to make it rectangular. I think this framed the words better and I was able to remove some wavy edges at the same time.


Just look at all those pebbles! I am trying to focus on my strengths and one of those is making pebbles. I feel like they are perfect for quilting on your domestic because you can really focus on the area under your needle plate and then move to the next section without having to push and pull. I knew I wanted to the straight lines in the top right corner. I added some in the bottom corners to connect with the top and also I started to get worried I wouldn’t be able to finish this on time for the show.

Final verdict: I truly love this quilt. It came out just like I thought and I am very happy with all of the design decisions I made all the way down to the neutral binding.

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