trapunto tutorial

Through B I now co-own a pushy Norwegian Forest cat named Little Face. To make a long story short, she likes to be where the action is and that means in your lap while you are computing. B, a cat mark, pulled in a dining room chair for her to sit on so she can be near but not an inconvenience. He really wanted a cat pad for Little Face to lay on so the chair would be even more soft. Cat mark!

I am currently interested in making a text quilt for the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas show. The theme is text in 2016. I toyed with piecing letters, both with paper and without, and was not super excited about anything. I once made a trapunto mess when I first started quilting and decided to give that a go again.

Last thing you need to know: I bought a baller’s only present for myself and have decided that in order to pay myself back I will not buy fabric for a year. From here until September 2016 everything will be made from my stash. I am allowed to by interfacing/thread/zippers/notions/etc.


First I watched this tutorial on trupunto.  The process is not hard but takes patience. It is a slower sewing experience. Trapunto steps are basically:

Marking out your design on the quilt top:

trapunto tutorial


I used Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in Natural. This photo came out a little brown-baggy but the other pictures represent the color better. I used a Dritz Dual Purpose Twin Marker (the blue side). I use to use Frixion pens but they have burned me several times in the past. Also, one time I was helping with judging and I saw this rad quilt get completely knocked out right away because the lines had come back. I now only use this dual pen for everything.

Next! You put a two layers of batting and, with water soluble thread, you quilt your design. There is no backing fabric at this point. Then you cut out your design!

trapunto tutorial

So this is the back of the project at this point. I did not use water soluble thread because I did not have it and no where local sold it. I used a matching thread instead. I have since ordered some on Amazon. I also used one layer of Soft ‘n Stable instead of two layers of batting. I loved the end result so much. The letter were nice and taut and really popped off the project. It was also a great way to use up some weird-size pieces I had lying around because quilting makes you a wack hoarder.

Onward! Then you layer your project that is your top with the batting design all cut out into your traditional quilt sandwich. Then quilt as desired. If you use water soluble thread you would need to wash your quilt and then all that is left is your badass quilting.

trapunto tutorial


I used Soft ‘n Stable again instead of batting for the quilt sandwich part. On a quilt I would not have done this but as a slave to a cat I wanted my master to be at maximum comfort. Also, when I made the Tessellation quilt binding I ended up with miles extra so used a bit to bind this! I carefully went over the previous quilting lines for the letters so it would look like just one stitch line. You really can’t tell that I did not use the water soluble thread for the first go-round.

Finally, you nervously present your project to your cat and cat mark. TraGATO is a success!!!!

trapunto tutorial


Stash Busting Level 5! Everything I used I already owned.