Oh man you guys! This is a such a great pattern and fabric combination I can barely stand it. I made two quilts using the Urban Trellis pattern by Crazy Old Ladies. It is so dynamic and perfect for a modern baby quilt. It can go from being in the crib to tummy time to the toddler’s bed no problem.


This is a perfectly written pattern. It comes with a diagram you can color in! I suggest making several copies of the diagram to make sure you get an even color layout. There is little waste left over so you want to be careful cutting your strips.


I am not big on using a whole line (anymore) or precuts for a project. BUT Doe by Carolyn Friedlander has a great range of colors and patterns to mix it up. Full Disclosure: I’m a Carolyn Friendlander fan: Exhibit A, B, and C. I did not substitute any fabrics this time. You could easily make your own palette by cutting (42) 2″ strips from your stash.

urban trellis doe modern quitlI used map pencils and tried to select the closest color to each fabric. This was the most time consuming part for me. To help get started in the placements I counted out how many of the different colors I had in the jelly roll/roll up. The pattern has three sections for you to make: tops and bottoms; sides; and full-sized shapes. I used my count of the different colors to distribute each one equally among those three areas. I did not want to end up with all cream tops and bottoms or all gray full-sized shapes.

You cut the little half-diamond shapes at the sides, top and bottom using the little bit of left over strip fabric so you have a little more flexibility there. You will still want to color them in on the diagram.

I suggest to lay out all your strips in the exact layout. It is totally bizarre how the mind works and even if you spent hours with the layout and crayons you might end up with two grays right next to each other! This happened to me as you can see in the above photo and I even laid them out!

After laying out all the strips how they will go, it is index card time! I wrote the column number on an index card and picked up each column strip in order. I used a Wonder Clip to keep each one together.

The directions for how to sew each angle are great. You really have to pay attention though to make sure you do the right one.

When sewing the columns together I alternated my seams as the pattern describes but the top still skewed. It is not totally awful but when I look at it I can tell something is just not quite perfect.

urban trellis doe modern quiltMy friend at Urban Spools quilted this with possibly the best all over quilting pattern I’ve seen. I am normally not a fan of computerized all over designs but this one is very organic and looks like a person did it! I left the thread color to them and think the gold was an excellent choice. They even squared this up for me, which was like a huge luxury. I’m super into dropping off a top and getting back something that only needs binding! A girl could get used to that!!

Final verdict: Cute pattern with lots of possibilities. This would make a great gift because I comes together so fast but looks like a million bucks. The skewing is a problem but I think once washed it won’t be so noticable.